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Dalmatian Breeders

R-DALS (Kathy Riddle)
ZDAR Dalmatians (Cindy Riggans)

General Dalmatian Web Sites

Dalmatian Club of America (new)
Dalmatian Club of Canada
Dalmatian Club of America (old)
Western Reserve Dalmatian Club
The Willowind Page - Dalmatian Sites
Dalmatian Links - A Listing of Web Sites
Dalmatian Information Station
The DalmatiAn Plantation

Dalmatian Links - Health Issues

DCA - Research Group
Skin & Coat Disorders
(DCA - Dr. Hughes)
Deafness in Dogs & Cats (Dr. Strain)
What is the BAER Test? (Dr. Strain)
Safe Harbor for Deaf Dogs
BAER Hearing Test Sites
Urinary Stones
Index of Articles (DCA)
Urinary Stones -15 Years of Data
on Almost 3,000 Dalmatians
Receipes for
Low Purine Treats
Seisure Disorders in Dalmatians (DCA)
Helpful Hingts for Owners
of Seizuring Dogs (DCA)
1997 Seisure Survey Update (DCA)
Seizure Survey Questionnaire (DCA)
Information on Epilepsy in
Dalmatians (Marion Mitchell)
Canine Epilepsy by Dr. Todd L. Woods
Epilepsy FAQ

Dog Links

American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
United Kennel Club
AKC Events Calendar
CKC Show & Trial Events
UKC Events

Dog Show Links

Info Dog (MB-F)
Roy Jones Dog Shows
Onofrio Dog Shows
Rau Dog Shows
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
Newport Dog Shows