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Ch. Cappy Hollow’s Top Hour CGC TDI
Ch Korcula Midnight Hour Ch Long Last Perfect For Paisley Ch Sunnyglen’s Spencer For Hire Ch Indalance Blackwatch

Indalane Lady Sabrina

Ch Long Last Solar Flare Ch Long Last Living Legend
Long Last Loveable Rogue
Ch Korcula Midnight Mistress Ch Pic-A-Dilly’s Mr. Brent of Tara Ch Indalane Rhett Butler
Ch Indalane Scarlet O’Hara

Ch Korcula Midnight Serenade
Ch Korcula Midnight Hanna
Cappy Hollow’s Blue Mist Ch Snowood Optimist Dylan McGee Ch Tamarack’s Tennyson V. Watseka Ch Bob Dylan Thomas of Watseka

Ch Tamarack’s Taylor Maid

Ch Snowood Ja Sam Jedan Ch Sir Ike of Croatia
Snowood Dancer of Paisley
Wynbrook’s Magnificant Molly Ch Korcula Midnight Star Bret D Ch Fireman’s Freckled Friend

Ch Korcula Midnight Serenade

Ch Wynbrook’s Magical Amy Ch Indalane Blackwatch
Ch Indalane Lucia of Korcula